The Palazzu Naziunale, a third place of the University of Corsica, was the setting for the conference "The multiple contributions of chess to the success of studies

The President of the University of Corsica, Dominique Federici, and the Director of the Fundazione Università di Corsica, Graziella Luisi, welcomed the participants to this event at 9am on Tuesday 12 April. The President of the Lega Corsa di Scacchi, Akkha Vilaisarn, introduced the speakers: Guillaume Gerandi, Doctor in Physical Sciences, the Moldavian Grand Master, Viktor Bologan, Executive Director of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and Doctor in Science of Education, as well as Léo Battesti, first President and founder of the Corsican Chess League...

The presence of Patrick Rossi, PE teacher at the University, underlined the strong activity of the League within the framework of the SUAPS, for many years.

First speaker, Dr. Guillaume Gerandi, is today a teacher at the University of Mulhouse. He was trained at the Ajaccio Chess Club. His testimony put forward the qualities developed by the practice of the chess game since his youngest age: concentration, calculation, structuring of the thought, rigour, objectivity, imagination, etc. All these qualities are transposable to his field of competence, scientific research. He also spoke about his activity as an arbitrator, which is useful in human management and management. 
Dr. Bologan, International Grand Master, first shared his experience as a teacher at Northwestern University in Qatar. His courses focus on Chess and Strategic Thinking. These degrees are recognised in the United States, and he envisages a more restricted training towards business school students. This part was particularly followed in the audience by the President of the Associu di i Scacchi di U Centru, Dr. Sauveur Giannoni, professor of economics. In a second time, the Executive Director of FIDE presented a project of “passport” for all chess players, amateurs or professionals, licensed in club or not. The idea is to create an ecosystem gathering all the actors of the chess world. On the scale of Corsica, this represents 50,000 players who have been trained in the island’s schools and clubs. One can imagine the strength of such a network if it were extended to the planet!
Finally, Léo Battesti spoke about the history of the Corsican League, which he has chaired for more than 20 years. The International Organiser recalled that when he arrived, Corsica was attached to the Côte d’Azur, and that it had a quality activity, but was not very open to the world. The League has chosen to turn towards the youth, in order to develop the practice towards the greatest number. And it is this anchoring in the schools, both in the city and in the countryside, that has allowed an elite to emerge from the masses. Viktor Bologan confirmed that the image of the pyramid perfectly illustrated the growth of the Corsican League, with a solid base to climb up.
Akkha Vilaisarn underlined the very strong adhesion of the school teachers who are very demanding for specific training in the game of chess. The President of the League and the Director of the Fundazione evoked the future perspectives, with common projects between the two entities.

Two elected officials joined the participants in the conference: the deputy of Haute-Corse, Jean-Félix Acquaviva, and the Mayor of Corte, Dr. Xavier Poli. They participated in the press conference that presented the Mitropa Cup 2022. The executive councillor in charge of youth, sports, gender equality, associative life and social innovation, Lauda Guidicelli, was represented: she indicated that the CDC was at the side of the League, which keeps on developing with different publics: young people, girls and schools. 
The elected representatives expressed their pride in hosting a European competition in Corti, in the current context. The competition gathers ten federations from Central Europe, and for the first time in its history, a Corsican team will participate. Mr Poli and Mr Acquaviva particularly appreciated the positive image of Corsica that will be conveyed by this international opening. All those present wished the island team good luck!

You can watch the recording of this conference here.