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Article 1: Organisation 

1.1 Organizer 

Mitropa Cup 2022 is organized by the Corsican League, member of the French Chess Federation, under the patronage of the European Chess Union. 

1.2 Venue  

Sports complex (COSEC) of Corti, T50, 20250 Corte (Corsica) 

1.3 Dates  

27th April 2022: arrival and technical meeting 

8th May 2022: last round, closing ceremony and departure. 

See annex 1 for detailed schedule. 

1.4 Teams 

The following chess federations are entitled to take part in the Mitropa Cup 2022: 

Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. 

In the Open section, an extra team, from the organizer (Corsican League) will participate. All players of this team must be licensed in a Corsican club for the years 2022 and 2021. 


1.5 Registration 

The Federations have to confirm their participation up to 31st March 2022. 

The registration of the team composition has to be done until 07th April 2022. 


Article 2: Fee, transfer and accommodation 

2.1 Delegation 

With the exception of the Corsican League, each team will be composed of  

  • 4 players, plus one reserve player (for open section),  
  • 4 women players, plus one reserve woman player (for women section),  

one of them acts as a team captain. 


2.2 Fee 

According to the mutual agreement, each participating team has to pay an amount of 250 € per person to the organizer of the event: the Corsican League (Ligue Corse des Echecs). The total amount is needed to be transferred until 07th April 2022 to the following account: 

Account holder: LIGUE CORSE DE ECHECS 

IBAN: FR76 3000 4025 9300 0100 9388 943 



2.3 transfer of teams 

  • By plane: at Bastia Poretta airport. 
  • By boat: at the Seaport of Bastia. 

The transfer between Bastia and Corte will be provided by the organizer, unless a team intend to go to Corte on its own (the organiser shall be informed).  

Note: Bastia Seaport to Corte 1h15 min; and Bastia Poretta airport to Corte 50 min., by car. 


2.4 Accommodation 

Each team (max. 10 persons per federation) will be provided with full board accommodation in 5 double rooms (or in case of one team, the organizer provides 3 double rooms).  

Different composition of rooms may be subject to additional charge, and is possible according to an agreement with the organizer.  

Full board accommodation for other additional people is available: single room – 70 € / room and night double room – 90 € / room and night 


3 Competition 

3.1 Prizes 

The first three teams will be awarded trophies and gold, silver and bronze medals. 

3.2 Format 

The pairings are made by drawing of lots at the captains’ meeting using the Berger Tables. There will be one drawing of lots for both sections. The first mentioned team in specific round has white pieces on the board(s) with odd number(s). 

The standing will be composed according to match points.  

Tie Breaks criteria are, in order: game points, direct encounter, Sonneborn Berger for teams, better scores on boards starting from the first board.  

Board standings will be composed according to: percentage points, average rating of opponents.  

The time control for the event is 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to finish the game, with 30 seconds increment for each move from move one.  

A player will default his game if he turns up later than 30 minutes from the start of the round. 

The results of this competition will be credited into the FIDE Elo rating list, and it is possible to achieve international title norms. 

3.3 Team composition 

The order of the players, as indicated by the overall team list, cannot be altered, therefore reserves may only play replacing the last boards escalating from the bottom. 

The team captains shall present his line-up by the deadline of 10:00 am CEST before each round. For the last round the deadline is May 07th 11:59 pm CEST.  

In case any team doesn’t present its line-up, then the team shall play with the same board order of the previous round, or with boards 1-4 of the initial composition for the first round  

4 Fair-Play 

4.1 Electonic devices 

The players will have to give any electronic device they have with them to the person in charge, at the beginning of the round: in case a player is found to have a device with him during the game or after the game but there is evidence that the particular device was with him during the game, the player will be forfeited, and the opponent shall win.  

4.2 Additional Fair-Play measures can be communicated during the technical meeting 

4.3 Decisions of the arbiters about Fair-Play are final. 


  1. Appeals

The Organizing Committee will appoint the Chairman and the two other members of the Appeals Committee, the first and the second reserve members, all from different Federations.  

A member of the Appeals Committee cannot sit in judgement in a dispute involving one player from his/her Federation, they should be replaced by one of the reserve members.  

The Appeals Committee is entitled to make decisions on all disputes except Fair Play decisions.  

All appeals and protests shall be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee no later than 15 minutes after the completion of the relevant game or after the alleged infringement occurred.  

To make its judgement the Appeals Committee may summon the appellant to its session.  

The refusal to take part to the session is evaluated for the final decision.  

The written decision of the Appeals Committee arising from any dispute is final. 


6 Information 

6.1 The meeting of captains (technical meeting) and drawing of lots will take place in the playing hall on April 27 at 09:00 pm. All tournament regulations will be announced and clarified at this meeting. An additional meeting may take place on April 28 at 11:00 am, for captains who arrive late. 

6.2 The Organizer may photograph, videotape or record players’ image, voice and/or property on any media and in any form or manner during their involvement or participation in the Mitropa Cup, for the purpose of public information and promotion worldwide of the Mitropa Cup. Unless a notice of refusal is given in writing to Organizer prior to 7th April 2022, each player grants the Organizer the irrevocable permission to photograph, videotape or record their image, voice, and property in any form or manner during their involvement or participation in the Mitropa Cup, and in the Organizer’s sole discretion to use and/or reproduce at any time such photographs, tapes, recordings of their image, voice or property for the above purpose, without limitation in promotional materials, audiovisual works and displays by any means whatsoever, including the internet. Players are not entitled to any compensation or other remuneration whatsoever as a result of such use by the Organizer under this art.6.2 

6.3 Website